RFL of IW :: Fundraising Guidelines

Relay For Life Fundraising Guidelines

This is an online virtual fundraiser, unlike any others. If there are any questions about these guidelines, please contact us. There may be times of special circumstances considering the platform that we are utilizing to fundraise.

Listing Fundraising Events in InWorldz Events

  • Please use "RFL of IW" or "Relay For Life" in the title. (the "For" part of RFL should have the "F" capitalized) Your team name should also be listed in the description along with the event information.

Event Standards

  • Make sure your fundraising events are tasteful. Fundraising events should be held within good moral standing as to represent the American Cancer Society.
  • Adult themed businesses or clubs may place kiosks either outside the establishment or in a PG-13 area. The only exception to this is if there is a special event BY INVITATION ONLY and the attendees are aware of and accept the content of the event/location. NO public advertising will be permitted for such events as well as NO advertising in the RFL Volunteer group or any RFL of SL group.

Teams names must be approved by the Teams Chair and will not have sexually explicit connotations, inappropriate wording or curse words.

Teams must consist of 2 or more people.

If you have an area that you aren't sure about, we would prefer that you contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you to find a solution that is beneficial to everyone.

Acceptable Content Promoting Fundraisers

  • No nudity on ads or at public fundraising events nor at the Relay Event.
  • No sex acts at fundraisers or events.
  • If you run a Relay For Life Event, it will be considered a public event.

Once again, we are trusting you all to make responsible decisions, and ask that if you have a situation that you think might be questionable, just work with us before-hand so that there are no issues afterward.We are here to help.

Donation Standards

*There are specific standards/guidelines for approved Fair/Festival events. They can be obtained from the Event Chair or Co-Chairs.

All RFL of IW kiosk, vendors and fundraising devices are scripted to immediately transfer 100% funds collect to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Account. At no time should an individual handle the fund collection.

All monies from RFL of IW fundraising events must go into the kiosks/vendors scripted to go the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Account. Teams may NOT use their own tip jars/donation jars to collect money.

The American Cancer Society does NOT participate in profit-sharing events that benefit more than one charity or business.

Teams/individuals may NOT share a percentage of sales of any items.

Teams/individuals may not earn a profit on events that are advertised as RFL of IW fundraisers.

If 100% of the proceeds are not going to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, the event may NOT be advertised as an RFL of SL event.

When collecting monies for the large events be it a booth purchase or any other reason, monies collected should immediately go into an AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY scripted kiosk.

If an individual would like to donate a portion of their store sales, tips or proceeds to RFL of IW, they may advertise that they support RFL of IW on signage in their establishment or venue and drop any monies they choose into a kiosk. They may NOT advertise that a percentage or portion goes to RFL of IW, or that their sale is a RFL of IW event.

If you list items to be sold on the InBiz Market Place or other online merchant sites, you should only use language that you are a Relay For Life of InWorldz supporter. Do not list the item as a "RFL fundraiser." Relay For Life of InWorldz nor the American Cancer Society are responsible for items sold on the InBiz Market Place or other merchant sites.

Individual Fundraising

When a sponsoring team cannot be arranged, and the event planner cannot join or build a team, individual fundraising events may take place. In this case, the planner should contact us to receive a Relay For Life of InWorldz General Donation kiosk and Fundraising Guidelines. Funds raised will go into the Relay General Donation account. The event planner (requester of the kiosk) will then be responsible for verifying that the event complies with the Fundraising Guidelines and maintains compliance during the duration of the event.

Event Expenses

Teams may sell sponsorships of their events. Those sponsors can be advertised at your team's individual fundraising event. Donations should NOT be used to offset costs incurred for those events.


We cannot SELL anything with the American Cancer Society or Relay For Life logo on it. (Tip: you can give items as a gift in exchange for a donation). Our InWorldz theme logo may be used on items that are sold in RFL Vendors.

When using the American Cancer Society or Relay For Life logo, do not change or alter it in any way. This includes in advertisements/textures used as signage. Please see the Logo and Branding Section

Gambling and Games of Chance are NOT allowed. You may place a Relay For Life Donation Kiosk near a game board or other games and encourage people to donate some or all of their winnings.

Date Auctions

While the American Cancer Society understands that different lifestyle groups exist in and out of IW, we must refrain from associating with "slave" auctions for fundraising events. Date auctions advertised as such are acceptable. If you have an auction event title you want cleared for use, a Relay Mentor or Teams Leads will be able to help you. Be specific about which communities are participating in your date auction when advertising.

Child Avatars

Private events which contain content beyond PG, must prohibit child avatars altogether, in compliance with InWorldz Terms of Service.


The American Cancer Society reserves the right to deny association with any avatar or fundraising event that does not meet the criteria of our fundraising guidelines.