RFL of IW :: Holding an Event

Holding a team event is a lot of fun, can bring in a lot of new people to see your venue, and is a great way to raise lindens for Relay. The following is a guide on how to put together an event, including a planning timetable, things to consider and a ways to advertise your upcoming event. For the purpose of this guide, we'll be looking at how to plan a dance.


A good rule of thumb is to start planning for the event at least three weeks in advance. The time frame will give you enough time to sufficiently plan the dance and change the event if necessary.


To hold a successful event, you're going to have to arrange for the following:

  • A venue for it to be held
    • You need a place to event. It could be as simple as dancing outside on your group-owned land or in a decorated club. You can even rent a sim for the event if you want to go big! To rent a sim, you'll have to allow more lead time before the event for sim set up.
    • Whatever venue you choose, you'll have to be sure that someone can change the music stream in the land settings so your DJ can broadcast during the event. If you don't have the land powers to change the stream, make sure there is a land manager available to change the stream for the event and then change it back after the event is over.
    • If you book a venue, ask if you're allowed to rez decorations for your event. Places have different rules and you'll want to know those before agreeing to hold an event at a venue.
    • Any decorations you'll have to bring your decorations to make your theme a reality. For example, going with a tropical beach theme? Palm trees and tiki torches could be among your decorations. Don't forget to rez your RFL fundraising kiosks!
  • Performers
    • Now think about what you are going to event to. Many artists and DJs specialize in certain types of music and the type of music you pick helps decide the theme of the event. For example, if you want to have a beach party, you may want to hire a DJ who specializes in surfer music, 80s pop music or current pop. Pick 50s music if you want to have a sock hop. You get the idea.
    • Make sure to ask your performer if they have dance balls or HUDs so folks can event. Not every DJ supplies those for you and if not, you'll have to make arrangements to have dance balls available.
    • If you don't have access to a DJ, the RFL events committee has a list of DJs who love working with Relay.
  • An event host
    • You're going to want to designate someone to be a host for the event. Host duties include in TEXT CHAT to welcoming people to the event, showing them where the event ball is, encouraging them to donate to RFL, thanking them for their donations, saying goodbye to those leaving and generally keeping conversation going.
  • Prizes or giveaways
    • People like getting stuff. Giveaways are a great way to give them a memento to remember the event and keeping your team in their minds. At the very least, share with your event guests the RFL T-shirts you got for your team. Depending on your event's theme, you may choose to have prizes for best dressed.
  • Posters and announcements
    • This is how you'll get the word out about your event. You can either make the poster yourself or have someone do it for you. A good size for the poster is 512 x 512 pixels. If you don't know what a pixel is, have someone make the poster.
  • Write the announcement for the RFL event and post it to the IW calendar. The announcement doesn't have to be long; a couple of sentences is fine. Be sure to include TIME, DATE and PLACE in the announcement, with a LANDMARK for the event.


You may find the following timetable to be of help:

  • Week 1 (3 weeks to the event)
    • Decide if your event will have a theme and what it will be.
    • Decide where the event will be and book a venue if you need to.
    • Book your Performer/DJ.
    • Choose your host.
    • Have someone make the poster after confirming the venue and host.
  • Week 2 (2 weeks to the event)
    • Get the finished poster distributed and displayed in high traffice areas.
    • Put the event in the IW calendar.
  • Week 3 (1 week to the event)
    • Confirm with the Performer/DJ, the host, and venue that everything is still OK for the event.
    • Send out at least one announcement to relevant groups, if you have one, with the event info (including and landmark).
  • On the day
    • Ask the venue WHEN you can decorate and set up for the event. You'll want to set up several HOURS before the event at the minimum in case you find you've forgotten something.
    • Change the music stream.
    • Announce your event over group chat, including the RFL volunteers group chat and several of the open IWz event groups. You can paste an IZURL/SLURL right in to group chat that people can click on to teleport to your event. To get a SLURL, open your big map on your screen. On the right side of the map, there's a button that says "copy SLURL" Click that button then move over to the group chat window and on your computer's keyboard, hit Control V (to paste) or Apple V (to paste) it in to the group chat.
    • Enjoy!!
  • After the event
    • Clean up all decorations/giveaway boxes/kiosks
    • Change the music stream
  • Go RELAY!!!!