RFL of IW :: Volunteer Contributions

Everyone in Relay For Life, "Relays" for their own reasons. We want to know "Why do YOU Relay?"

Record a "Why I Relay" Testimonial

Create a testimonial recording and share your reason and inspiration for fundraising and participating in the Relay For Life of InWorldz. Your testimonial has the power to inspire and move fundraisers and cancer survivors and contribute to our goal in support of The American Cancer Society.


  • The ideal target length is 20 to 30 seconds, to under 60 seconds
  • PLEASE leave 2-3 seconds of silence at the start and 2-3 seconds of silence at the ending of the recording

Some hints to Improve Recording Quality

  • Try to do it in a quiet environment, its hard to edit out barking dogs, crying kids and begging spouses!
  • Use a headset & Mic if possible
  • Try NOT to Breathe into mic - Keep it just even with lower lip. Cover with a foam ball or Cotton Puff.
  • Turn off SL Sounds and Music
  • Rehearse your words
  • Emotions are fine. We Encourage them. For Many, Relay For Life is an Emotional Experience. SHARE THAT!
  • Include your full avatar name in the file name in the following example: 2013_WIR_Avatars_Name mp3

Windows Users:

  • Windows button
  • All programs
  • Accessories
  • Sound Recorder
  • Click Start Recording button
  • Speak normally
  • When done, click Stop Recording and play it back to ensure it is clear
  • Save your recording as "2014_WIR_{your avatar name}.mp3"
  • Email the file to [email protected]

MAC Users:

  • Garageband
  • Create New Podcast (you may need to Click FILE > Create)
  • Save As: "Year_WIR_Avatars_Name.mp3"
  • When program opens you will see several tracks.. delete all but WHY I RELAY
  • Choose Source (MIC) You should see Levels moving
  • Choose NO EFFECTS
  • PRESS RED BUTTON (Start Record)
  • Record your Words
  • Click STOP
  • Click Share Menu
  • Select Export To Disk
  • Select MP3 Compression VERY IMPORTANT!!! AAC is default but we need MP3
  • Select CUSTOM
  • Set BIT RATE to 128
  • Save to folder
  • Email to [email protected]

Linux Users:

  • Open Audacity
  • Click Record button
  • When done, press square Stop button
  • When satisfied with result, select File menu, and Export
  • Save as an MP3 file with file name as Window and Mac versions
  • Email to [email protected]

Relay For Life of InWorldz may transcribe your recording (if selected) for use in our publications and blogs. Please note that by submitting your testimonial you are authorizing the use of the information to assist in current and future RFLofIW campaigns.

This collection of Audio Recordings will be made available to all DJs and Promoters of RFLofIW

Write a "Why I Relay" Testimonial

Please include:

  • Your full IW name, so I can find you to thank you so very much
  • The name you wish to use with your "Why I Relay" testimonial
  • A decent resolution picture of you set to full properties inside the notecard.

Drop your note to Wildstar Beaumont, or email to: [email protected]

We will feature these Written Testimonials on the RFLofIW Blog at rflofiw.blogspot.com

Tell us a story

Any story of a personal nature, you wish to share. Something inspirational. Something touching. Something thought provoking. Something everlasting. We just ask it be related to Cancer or Relay in some form or another.

  • Please include photos, links to the media you wish to use
  • Credit details of the author and people that helped create all aspect of this article and related media.

Please contact Wildstar Beaumont and we will sort out the best means to host and receive the information to make your posting.

Share your thoughts on our campaign

Do you have ideas or suggestions for us? We'd love to hear from you.

We have some exciting things coming into Inworldz and we'd like you to be a part of them.

We've been coming up with fun ideas to make Relay a success and we most certainly love your help!

Please feel free to send us your thoughts, ideas and suggestions; we need to hear from you.

You can contact us through this website, or drop a message into our Mail Box in-world at Muse Island Teleport now with InWorldz™ viewer Teleport now with 3rd Party viewer.